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Ted Boswell and Dennis Davis made a record recovery for the wrongful death of a welder killed along with two other welders in an explosion at Cross Oil Company in Smackover, Arkansas. The case was into its sixth day of trial when the Defendants settled after devastating proof of defective operation of methane venting in the processing plant. The multi-million dollar wrongful death settlement was a record recovery for South Arkansas. The proof was complex, but convincing to a jury.


Ted Boswell represented numerous families after natural gas explosions destroyed their homes.  Ted proved through expert testimony that natural gas migrated laterally through unstable soil and under homes where the gas reached arcs of electric currents, or in one case, a lit cigarette. In several of the cases, the home that exploded was not connected to a natural gas line. Each explosion caused deaths and horrible burn injuries, and resulted in multi-million dollar recoveries for the families.

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