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Roadway tractor trailer rig

Auto accidents caused by tractor trailer rigs

Ted Boswell completed a jury trial in Federal Court resulting in a $3.1 Million verdict, which was appealed to the Eighth Circuit Court of appeals. Lopez v. Roadway and James Construction. The case involved complex issues of law relating to the highway contractor who negligently constructed a stop lane for heavy traffic from one interstate to another interstate. The judgment, as against both the trucking company and the contractor, is one of four such cases the firm is handling involving joint and several liability. The plaintiffs were not offered any settlement from either defendant before trial, and after the jury went into deliberations, only $1 Million was offered, which was rejected. The jury deliberated and awarded $3.1 Million for one death and a personal injury claim. This case illustrates how The Boswell Law Firm prepares its cases; and whether settled or tried, receives the top recoveries possible. Auto accidents caused by the negligence of tractor trailer operators constitute a large part of The Boswell Law Firm's wrongful death and personal injury practice..

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